Realtors in Red Shirts

By kw-siouxfalls May 18, 2018

Give where you live. That’s the motto of a group of volunteers hitting the Sioux Falls bike path Thursday! We explore why these realtors took a day off from selling homes, to clean up the city.

Cutting logs, picking up trash, and piling it all up. It’s not an easy day on the job.

“Oh man. Haha! But it’s fun. There’s a lot of smiling going on out here. As hard as we’re working, there’s a lot of smiles out here. We’re happy to do this,” said Rita Kocer, Keller Williams volunteer.

This is Red Day. The annual day of service for Keller Williams Realty employees. In Sioux Falls, more than 100 workers volunteered to help clear the bike trail and river bed.

“We have a lot of power in those numbers and we’re able to help the community with that,” said Kocer.

“A lot of our agents and their families utilize the bike trail, so it’s just a great way to give back,” said Patrick Showers, Keller Williams CEO.

Surprisingly, finding people to accept the help isn’t always easy. CEO, Patrick Showers, says it’s hard for Keller Williams to find groups who can use this many people at once.

“It’s a great team building exercise. As well as a great way to clean up the city and make it look better,” said Showers.

Scott Schoenen was walking by and shared his appreciation for the service.

“I think they’re a real inspiration and I love to see this spawn a number of other companies do the same thing. I think it would be great for Sioux Falls to do as much of this civic activity as possible,” Sioux Falls resident, Scott Schoenen.

“Just, it needs it. The river needs it. The bike trail needs it. There’s 26 miles of bike trail here that people come from all over to be on and we’re happy to help clean it up for everybody,” said Kocer.

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